The Creation of ‘The Peacock Diaries’ –

My goal in creating The Peacock Diaries is to inspire, on every level that there is to offer – Whether it be through the Word of God, poetry, photography,  personal experiences,  trials and tribulations alike – or simply just a quick quote or glance at an image.

Providing a place that allows others the opportunity to relate, and acknowledge the very harsh reality that

“Life happens.”

When it does, and it will, it is up to us as to how we react to it. We also make the choice in who, or what, we seek in order to get us through it.

I hope to be blessed with the amazing opportunity to possibly make life just a little easier for somebody,  by what they read and take away from this page –

I welcome you all to a journey that can only described as:

The Peacock Diaries – Featuring: self writen poetry, inspirational articles, awesome photography and “The Flight of Faith,” my personal testimony, along with “My Trials, His Triumphs”

In my 33-years I have been through every trial you could think of. Endured so many days that I swore I would never make it through, but look at me,  making it!

Let’s not forget, however, that I also have experienced some of the most joyous, and blessed days, to look back and reflect on as well.

You can read more about this by following the link below,  My Affirmation of Faith which is a reflection upon the major moments and milestones that have truly impacted and molded my life, ultimately delivering me to my newly discovered Christian Faith and The Lord Jesus.  An Affirmation of My Faith & Journey To You

I hope to someday be that little nudge to anyone reading this, that may need the same  realization as me, that it will be okay! I hope to be that voice of reason and positivity needed, for those feeling the same way I did when this project started, which was completely empty and defeated.

2016-11-18-21-26-33When it all seems to be going left –  I write, and write, and write some more! I Rarely dedicate myself to one topic or style in particular, and just let go of what I am feeling and inspired by in that moment. To be too structured seems like an oxymoron when you’re a Creative Writer.

My hope is that one day – Every post, poem, quote or photograph will serve the purpose of reaching just the right person, at just the right time, and changing their life,  in just the right way.

Why The Peacock Diaries?

Well, honestly, I didn’t choose the name – It chose me! file-nov-26-8-33-38-pm

A lot has changed since the day I decided, a big change was vital and a necessity! However, one thing did not change, I kept being brought back to a Peacock’s Image in one way or another. Then, upon further research and uncovering how incredibly symbolic and meaningful they are, especially for me at this moment in my life , WOW! Even after selecting the name, and having the site up and going, I stumbled across a 20-year long symbol that solidified, I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be doing. Don’t worry, I reveal this big mystery discovery in my first blog entry, which is just about ready.

To read more about them, I suggest visiting here, as this is an incredibly informative site, and where I found the                                           following excerpt –

  ‘Now is the time to acknowledge your dreams and aspirations within yourself.’

Utilizing writing as an outlet, for over half of my life, I finally decided that this is what I wanted to do, period. So,  I took that paralyzing leap of faith, backed myself into a corner, and gave myself no other choice but to start running, in an effort to catch my dream, not just chase it.

So what did I give up to go dream chasing?

Everything!  – Or, so I thought!

In the long run,  I actually lost very little and gained everything in the process! What I have been blessed with thus far, surpasses what I decided to release and let go of, no questions asked!

I left my salaried position as a Hotel General Manager and decided I needed a change, in order to keep my family intact. Juggling a career that consisted of 15 hour days, an hour long commute and raising 2 kids on my own, became impossible.

Temporarily it can be done, but long term,  it takes it’s toll on everybody.  At this stage you are no longer enjoying life anymore, simply existing.

The transition was scary and incredibly hard, and brought me to a place I did not think I would be visiting anytime soon, good old Rock Bottom, population, me!  But, this time was different, this time when I got there, somebody was waiting for me, I didn’t have to go it alone this time, and it changed my life!

When I was down to nothing, HE was up to something, and I found Jesus in the process of me falling apart.  He made sure my pieces were put back together properly this time – The Lord made me realize that sometimes, that is why He must break us, to ensure that He is able to rearrange us for the better.

I am hopeful and fully faithful  in the possibility that  my passion for creative and content writing, as well as my passion for the Word of God, will turn into a new found career.

A career that I can feel completely fulfilled in, as well as a career that allows me to prioritize the needs of my family and our need for the Word, and each other.

A career that finally allows me to put my children first. I am not sure how, but I know my why, and that is enough for me right now.  I am trusting God to show me my how when the time is right.

Jobs come and go, they are  a constant revolving door, you should never become too attached to one. However, once in a lifetime moments with you children,  only come once in a lifetime. –

Hang onto them as tight as you can! Take advantage and be present for as many of those moments as possible, before they become a memory. Cherish them,  and live for them, NOW, as we are not guaranteed there will be a later.

Stop Existing and Start Living!

Ask yourself this regularly –

  • Does this make me happy?
  • Is it worth what I am sacrificing?
  • Is it fulfilling your family in all aspects available, and not just financially?

If you answered NO to any of these, the time for change is now.  Our days are getting shorter and we are all getting older.

If you would like more information about leaving behind,  what feels like everything, only to gain everything in the process, then please subscribe to my  Newsletter below.

I will be touching on all the key points of my journey as I go. I will fill you in on where I went wrong, to save you the trouble and also where I went right, so you know where to focus.

Tips and tricks to advance yourself as quickly as possible and to the right market. An all around knowledge piece that I will be building weekly, as I take this journey of becoming a Freelance Writer – I hope you join me along the way.  A warm welcome, and thank you so much for visiting, I sure hope you stick around! More posts are on the way! img_7117

Hollie Day-Jenkins  – Life Survivor
Creator of ‘The Peacock Diaries’

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