A Road Less Traveled: The Journey To Finding Yourself, When Life Unravels 

There is only one thing in our lives that is guaranteed, and that is the fact, that the seasons are always changing. 

Nothing lasts forever, both the good and the bad alike. 

We must learn to embrace and adapt to them both equally. 
No longer seeing them as “good” or “bad” but rather stepping stones that we must cross along our path. 

One must learn to utilize these stones, in between your transitions, to your advantage. 

The time spent crossing them should be spent reflecting, planning and preparing yourself for the next leg of your journey. 

Be patient during this time as well. I know first hand that sometimes it feels like this season is going to last forever! At times it will feel as though nothing will ever change. 

I promise you however, it’s all about to unfold, it’s definitely on its way. 

Have faith that even when things go wrong, somehow it’s a contribution to what’s coming next. 

A missing link between your stagnation, and that spiritual shift you experience, when things finally start to go right. 

There’s more to life than hand picked memories, manipulated reflections, and only giving praise to the amazing days and unforgettable nights. 

Although gratitude for the above is a necessity, you’ll find yourself much happier in the end, if you now learn to embrace the truth, that to every high there is also a low. 

Life is looking back on the days you almost lost hope, but somehow you managed to hang on. 

It’s about nights so restless and filled with fear, that morning couldn’t come soon enough. Nights like that are always much too long, making it hard most days, to keep pushing on. 

A full balanced life is about the tears, both from weeping and from joy. It’s about the trials,tribulations and inner battles that we all must endure on our journey, at some point in time. 

Life is about learning and progressing daily.  It’s about becoming a better YOU today, than the person you left behind the night before. 

It’s about continuing on each day, in every way that you possibly can. It’s about fighting for yourself, seeking knowledge, learning lessons, and still advancing forward yet again!

Some of our greatest lessons aren’t taught to us on those amazing and unforgettable days. No, instead our lessons  become served to us cold, in the echoes of forgotten and lost days. 

Days that don’t carry many details about the irrelevant events.  But they do come bearing pain from your past, the symbolize, to me, all regret. 

In its beginning stages, this pain can still hurt us, because we are new and we allowed it to.
As we grow wiser and more secure, becoming set in our ways — we begin to take back control of our lives, our circles, and redirecting all that  pain. 

Shaping, changing, breaking and rearranging. This  pain will become progress, you just wait right there  you’ll see. 

There’s  one circumstance in life that you’ll never be able to resolve, and that is death.  Meaning, as long as you’re living, breathing and alive, you’ve got to give it your all, take a deep breath. 

Each day that we rise, is another opportunity for us to learn, grow,  and strengthen our souls. If you want to get far, you must not lose momentum, and never lose site of your goals. 

Keep going, just one fragile step after the other. Find your stride, one lesson, one blessing,  and one season at a time. 

This is the beginning of your journey, the light of your path has finally been lit. This is your first step towards a new life, and all you’ve got to do is begin and commit. Stay cautious, stay ready, but also, be sure to step light. You never know when your spirit will be ready, spreading her beautiful wings, and finally taking flight. 

You wonderful warrior of a woman, you are perfection in time. Hold your head steady, stand tall, and look to the sky. 


Release those old burdens and heavy baggages,; Opening your heart and mind instead. 

Time to lock up one last time, and decide if this is the beginning , or is it the end? 

Raise those beautiful wings, you warrior of a woman, and seek freedom  with all of your might! Today is the day! Today, we take flight! 


Seek Kingdom First 

Some of the most twisted and tortured souls, hide behind the prettiest of faces. Hidden in the background of some of the best fairy tales you’ve ever been told.  Broken souls beyond weary, with a face, complacent.

Seem too good to be true?

That’s because, that’s exactly what it is. It’s an act, just another scene. A forced effort at making his way to you, and eventually creeping in. Without even knowing, you’ve just invited him in.

You see, the devil doesn’t come cloaked in a red cape, with horns pointed for the world to see.  No, he comes disguised as somebody just like you, and somebody just like me.

He brings with him, everything that your heart has ever desired, and  for a moment you actually feel as though your prayers have finally been answered. In this moment, be silent.

The reality of what’s just happened is much scarier than you may care to admit. The truth, unfortunately, is this. You’ve just given power and permission, to the worlds  greatest liar and grandest fraud to ever exist.

Because we are human, we simply can’t help but to fall in love with the earth’s possessions and pleasures we seek within. We cannot walk this earth, and live without sin, yes this may be true,  but I also promise you this —

  • Just one dance with the devil, and it’s a dance that you will never forget.  Once this takes place, you quickly realize, that the things of this earth are simply just that, only things. They have no meaning or true value, especially when you’ve seen the things that you’ve seen, and know the damage that he can do.

Not one earth possession, or even all of them combined, is worth lying down with the enemy, and turning your back on our King for an eternity of lies.

I know you’ve felt that heat before,  deep inside your gut. That’s your full awareness, your inner intuition, telling you not to give up. It’s Gods gift to us, given so we can guide our hearts.  In silence, you’ll hear Him tell you when to surrender and when to make way for a new start.

Now the enemy, of course, is also aware of your God given instincts, so he must proceed with caution, and with ease. He will begin to use his golden tongue, to bathe you in his charisma, but you mustn’t give in, and you must not seek to please, but rather, seek peace.

Obey that first instinct, and allow the flames in your stomach to grow hotter and hotter. Follow your heart, silence your mind, and listen for his voice inside.

If silence falls on ringing ears, or you’re just not quite sure, than fall to your knees child and cry out for your Father.

Be weary, as the enemy comes for our souls, bearing gifts that we’ve spent our entire lives praying for.

But, no gift from the enemy is worth denying or disobeying the One that laid down his life for us to live.

When it seems too good to be true, stop and seek God first, and only Him!

In the end, that which the Lord wishes us to have, will remain ours for the keeping, regardless of our current worth to the earths and lands.

What’s sent from the Lord can never be compromised or misplaced, so if it drops from your hands, always question where it came from, and always take it’s value at face.

This earth is His, never become too comfortable or of the natural realm. This is temporary, focus on forever! Always, and with everything you have and are….Find refuge in His love.

Always know your spiritual worth, and when you grow confused about this Hell on Earth, along with it’s keeper, look up to the One and only,  give thanks and ….

Seek Kingdom First!

Just For You

You loved me, even when I was ugly, in every single way.
When I was cold, mean-spirited, wearing no makeup, and
going through some of my worst days.

You loved me when I was unreasonable, and when nobody else did.
Always there for me, unconditionally, without expectations, and not just for
me, but for both of my kids.

Over a decade of time has built this bond that we have.
Through our ups and downs, jail, prison, life, baby’s moms
and baby’s dads.

No distance or time can stop us, you have become the one person
in my life that I know won’t just walk off.

As much as I have tried to sabotage what is clearly
a lifelong journey with you, you never allowed me to just give up;
not on me, and not on you.

You’ve always opened my eyes to nothing
but the wholehearted truth.

You love me, even when I’m down, in every single way.
No money, no options and scared to death, it didn’t matter;
You’ve kept your word to me, ugly or not you’ve always stayed.

You love me, as me, and you’ve accepted the addict I’ve become.
Even after you’ve seen what these drugs have turned me into, and
how much damage they’ve done.

You’ve loved me through hysterical nights, and been the reason behind
so many days with a smile. You’ve always put me first, even when I should
have been nothing but denied.

You love me, even when I’m ugly, no matter how often I tell you not to.
You see past the bullshit, the lies, deceit, and nonsense that I’ve put you through.

And for all that you’ve done, which I’ve always noticed and appreciated,
this is my promise to you –

Someday, and someday very soon, I promise you I will be
beautiful again, and it will be just for you.

Thank you, for always standing by me, and always being you.


Through everything endured, I’ve somehow managed to find another piece to this intoxicating, and endless sky.  

Here, she wears new shades of pinks, purples, and an orange that just can’t be described. 

This is my heart and souls every desire, she’s a little piece of my paradise. 

My powerful reminder, that there’s beauty in everything, even amongst the changes, that will transform your life. 💕

Party of 1 

When consumed, 
Loneliness, Is bitter. 

A spoiled fruit 
No texture or flavor.
Dry, gritty like sand
Not a drop 
Of juice to savor.

To be so alone 
Is honestly torture 
The quiet at times 
Transforms into 
A deafening roar

Never realizing
It’s about to take over 
Until it’s already crept in 
An aching pain 

Constant, unrelenting 
Leaving no end 
To where it begins 

In this very second
I’d give up any and everything 
Just to feel wanted, desired
Any sense of need

Or at least just to know that 
Somewhere, somehow, 
Somebody’s maybe thinking 
About me….