Seek Kingdom First 

Some of the most twisted and tortured souls, hide behind the prettiest of faces. Hidden in the background of some of the best fairy tales you’ve ever been told.  Broken souls beyond weary, with a face, complacent.

Seem too good to be true?

That’s because, that’s exactly what it is. It’s an act, just another scene. A forced effort at making his way to you, and eventually creeping in. Without even knowing, you’ve just invited him in.

You see, the devil doesn’t come cloaked in a red cape, with horns pointed for the world to see.  No, he comes disguised as somebody just like you, and somebody just like me.

He brings with him, everything that your heart has ever desired, and  for a moment you actually feel as though your prayers have finally been answered. In this moment, be silent.

The reality of what’s just happened is much scarier than you may care to admit. The truth, unfortunately, is this. You’ve just given power and permission, to the worlds  greatest liar and grandest fraud to ever exist.

Because we are human, we simply can’t help but to fall in love with the earth’s possessions and pleasures we seek within. We cannot walk this earth, and live without sin, yes this may be true,  but I also promise you this —

  • Just one dance with the devil, and it’s a dance that you will never forget.  Once this takes place, you quickly realize, that the things of this earth are simply just that, only things. They have no meaning or true value, especially when you’ve seen the things that you’ve seen, and know the damage that he can do.

Not one earth possession, or even all of them combined, is worth lying down with the enemy, and turning your back on our King for an eternity of lies.

I know you’ve felt that heat before,  deep inside your gut. That’s your full awareness, your inner intuition, telling you not to give up. It’s Gods gift to us, given so we can guide our hearts.  In silence, you’ll hear Him tell you when to surrender and when to make way for a new start.

Now the enemy, of course, is also aware of your God given instincts, so he must proceed with caution, and with ease. He will begin to use his golden tongue, to bathe you in his charisma, but you mustn’t give in, and you must not seek to please, but rather, seek peace.

Obey that first instinct, and allow the flames in your stomach to grow hotter and hotter. Follow your heart, silence your mind, and listen for his voice inside.

If silence falls on ringing ears, or you’re just not quite sure, than fall to your knees child and cry out for your Father.

Be weary, as the enemy comes for our souls, bearing gifts that we’ve spent our entire lives praying for.

But, no gift from the enemy is worth denying or disobeying the One that laid down his life for us to live.

When it seems too good to be true, stop and seek God first, and only Him!

In the end, that which the Lord wishes us to have, will remain ours for the keeping, regardless of our current worth to the earths and lands.

What’s sent from the Lord can never be compromised or misplaced, so if it drops from your hands, always question where it came from, and always take it’s value at face.

This earth is His, never become too comfortable or of the natural realm. This is temporary, focus on forever! Always, and with everything you have and are….Find refuge in His love.

Always know your spiritual worth, and when you grow confused about this Hell on Earth, along with it’s keeper, look up to the One and only,  give thanks and ….

Seek Kingdom First!