Lost words and acceptance, trapped in my throat.

Another fallen victim to a false identity, diminishing trust and destroying hope.

My eyes are the passage to an abandoned heart. In order to get through this catastrophe, I must first determine where, why and how,  I ever allowed this to even start.

Blocked by my own hidden confusion, led to uncovering slowly that everything I thought I knew, was all just a false illusion.

Now in order for my life to ever become mended and finally continue, I must release my hate towards you.

Becoming bound and confined by this non-existent war that’s somehow been started, I’ve got to learn to admit and realize that yes indeed, people can truly be that cold-hearted.

My own denial of reality has created years of ‘good’ memories,  that should have really just been forgotten. Replacing deception with love in my version, picturing us rising to the top when we were just deeply settled at the bottom.

Now completely unsure of what, if anything was ever genuine. The only truth I now know, with everything that I am, is that this will never happen again.

If  my life is ever going to take on a realistic view, I must, at once release my very false and inaccurate image that I have of you.

To truly move on, and finally, begin  to heal, I must first  come to terms with the fact that everything that  I received was fake, while everything that I gave, was very real.

My hatred and resentment have come from my love, being lost and misguided. Giving it all away to someone, that’s probably
never even tried it.

In order for me to release, and begin to  walk away I must face the reality, that not all people have good intentions, and that’s just  got to be ok.

I must learn to come to terms, that your role in my life has
come to a close. The chapter is over, the book has been read thoroughly, and this story of ours must remain untold.

by|HD ©




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