Dear Protectors – For so long I’ve felt completely helpless in your tremendously important and history making movement!

I’ve followed and shared the stories that have managed to make their way online; I’ve watched footage and clips that have brought me to tears, in both sadness and anger, but also in pride!

I have seen the strength and beauty of Native American Warriors uniting, holding strong, and standing up for what is right!

I have seen you warriors attacked by dogs, pepper sprayed, arrested and denied your rights,brutally and without hesitation!



In those moments I also saw the beauty in your strength! I watched as you viciously and wrongfully attacked and bitten, yet you didn’t even flinch!

I have watched as racial slurs have been screamed at you, and still,  you continued to pray.

Your Family and friends being thrown around in front of you , kicked, arrested, caged and numbered, for simply exercising their rights!

Still, with a face so stoic; you returned to the Front Lines and continued to hold strong! I have never been so proud to see you all resist the temptations to act out in violence.

You all every right to do so; but you knew that would not save your land or the water, you had to win in peace and prayer.

I watched as the camps grew larger, and proudly saw my own childhood friends and beautiful Coeur d’ Alene Tribal members arrive at camp, to stand with Standing Rock.

To honor your cause, and support one of the biggest civil rights movements in American History.

I’ve watched hours of videos with my daughter. explaining to her that she should never be anything but proud to be a member of a culture that represents such strength, heart, and dedication! True Warriors!

Fighting for your rights, your land, and the ability to maintain clean drinking water.

Not just for the Standing Rock Reservation, but for millions! –For The Nation!

“Half of which sadly, have no idea.”

Virtually concealed by mainstream  media, shutting down cell phone towers to inhibit communication from camp, and intentionally  restricting access from the front lines to the Nation.


Makes you really wonder, what’s truly going on? Are money, greed, and power worth trading? Has a price tag been placed on sacred land, civil rights, clean water,and dignity?

A blind eye has been turned by those that are now responsible for the treaty’s that they refuse to uphold. No acknowledgment from the president that was just there last year, stating  he will protect your rights.

With everything stacked against you, still you stand strong, and  the numbers in supporters  still continues to grow!

Finally, I have been given the opportunity to offer and contribute something special to you, the Water Protectors.

My contribution, only made possible by two amazing women brought into my life, with one purpose goal on our minds and in our hearts.
–Standing Rock!

“I can no longer just sit back idly and watch what is unfolding, without doing something.”

The time has come, and this journey is now necessary and being sought out, to offer you a voice to finally be heard!


This is our  chance, at PATHE Magazine, to tell the real story of who you Warriors and Water Protectors truly are.

Before, during and after the Front line. 

A true representation of the cultural and spiritual beliefs that have had you standing strong, non-violent and an amazing inspiration to many!

We solute you! This is all about you!  The Water Protectors of Standing Rock —

Myself along with the co-founders of PATHE Magazine, Leah Frieday and Kellie Fitzgerald, would like to dedicate an entire issue of our magazine, to tell the largest, untold movement currently in America.

We would be more than honored and privileged to capture this revolution in history, to ensure that it takes a form that can never be undone! From cover to cover we want to share your story, your movement, and stop the silence! It’s gone on far too long!

From cover to cover we want to share your story, your movement, and stop the silence! It’s gone on far too long!
Nothing will be printed that does not bring glory and honor to what is taking place, and the beauty in the unity and incredible willpower that has kept you all going, and still growing for over 6 months.

–It’s time!

I will also be working alongside and including  my 8yr old daughter so that she can experience the integrity and power that she harbors within herself as a beautiful Native American Warrior as well.

I want her to see, through all of you, just how resilient, powerful and united a Tribe can be.

We want you to know that PATHE Magazine Stands With Standing Rock and we’d like to honor you!

Your exclusive ‘Water Protectors of Standing Rock’ Issue will be released in February. It will then be distributed and available for purchase Nationwide, some copies overseas.

Finally, you Warriors will be  given  all the recognition and utmost respect that you all deserve, and your voice and your story will finally be heard, for years and years to come.

In addition to the exclusive  content within, PATHE Magazine will also be donating a portion of the proceeds back to the Standing Rock community, where it belongs!

We thank you, Water Protectors and Warriors, for representing what is right, guarding your land and culture, and standing up for a Nation that rightfully belongs to you!

We Stand For Standing Rock, and We Come to Honor You!

PATHE Magazine – •Purpose Aligned to Heighten & Expand•

Leah Frieday – From Canada     Kellie Fitzgerald  -From Arizona

Hollie Jenkins (and Jazmyne)  – From Oregon

If there is anything that any of you can do to assist me and Jazmyne (my daughter) make our journey to Standing Rock to make this story and recognition a reality, please follow the link below and donate what you can, or just simply share!  Thank you so much and God Bless! Standing Rock, stand strong and I hope to be standing with you, alongside my daughter soon!

Please Assist Me and My Daughter To Honor A Culture & Get To Standing Rock!

Together & United for Standing Rock 💕



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