The Peacock Diaries –

Once just a vision, now given life through the desires and determination instilled in me to fulfill my God Given talent of writing.

Not just any writing, but writing with a purpose and meaning. An outlet to strengthen the Faith of myself and my family, inspire those that are in need of being uplifted, and sharing the love, light, and grace that is found through the Word of God.

All of this would not be possible if it weren’t for God, the support of my family, friends, church and my followers with their daily inspirations, support and feedback  –

Thank you ALL for allowing me to share such a special portion of my life with you all! Truly the only reason that The Peacock Diaries Exists, is because of all of you, and because it was gifted to me by the Lord.

peacock feather

Such as the Mystical Peacock, whose no two feathers are the same; life can be reflected upon in the same fashion.

Each day we are blessed with, will differ significantly.  Some shining brighter than others, and some days we would just rather forget, or already have.

Regardless, all of them are equally a blessing and a chance to start fresh. Each day is a new opportunity for us to learn a little more, teach a little more, reach out a little more, and of course LOVE, a whole lot more!


Be Creative Today

Peacock Feather

Be Silly

Be Inspired

Whatever you choose to be, always BE YOU & Always Be Blessed!

If for no other reason, then the fact that the Lord woke you this morning to see another day. That is cause for rejoicing alone! Give thanks regularly, and He will regularly provide you with a life, worth giving thanks for!

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings, you will find refuge. Psalms 91:4

I look forward to taking this journey with each and every one of you! God Bless and Amen!


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